Trust and reliability every developer claims, however that’s in particular, what a customer is doubting. Reasons are many like commitment have been faltering very often.

1. Trust and reliability every developer claims, however that’s in particular, what a customer is doubting. Reasons are many like commitment have been faltering very often. A developer lately has aptly advertised, possession dates are like monsoons can’t be predicted accurately,  but this particular developer  says he shall give possessions on time – how -will he be able to, time will tell.  The point here is trust deficit is evident between concerned parties(developers and customers) and it needs to be bridged.

2. All conventional means to build trust have been tried however failed due to lack of commitments in past. For example  a pre-launch scheme well covered in media and lots of bookings picked up, but construction not commenced because approvals not in place. Another example a scheme sold to NRIs /investors, and 90% money demanded , where as in actual only 70% development on ground. And no penalty on late possession can be enforced as maximum money already paid  by customers.

3. So the need to get in transparency in dealing customers is  call of the day. The following factors are crucial to make this happen:-

a. live view 24×7 should be available for the project to monitor construction on ground

b. construction link plan should be displayed clearly.

c. cost sheet should be available live without hidden charges

d.  project brief, amenities,photo gallery, floor plans, location address must be specified.

e. Means to communicate between developer and customers should be multiple and available 24×7. eg skpe,toll free phone, whats up, sms,emails,live chat etc.

f. A project sanctions should be made available by govt authorities on their portals, and developer should be able to quote that for transparency.

4. So here comes the relevance, of the title of this article, a modern technology mobile application can provide the contents of  para 3 above  on your smart phones and the deficit in trust can be over come. Obviously for those developers who intent complete transparency in dealing with customers and are serious about bridging the gap that exists today between them and customers. In addition to the camera feeds , live communication and cost sheet issues a payment gateway on the mobile application will ensure credible transactions. The nature of humans is such that when they see a thing they believe, when they are able to communicate at all times they trust and if they pay for what they know is completed they are happy. Similarly a developer too would be happy if he gets the amount for what he has delivered thus far. In Pune only two developers have provided this trust multiplier(mobile application) to its customers and lots of goodwill gained through it.

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