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The city of Pune is known to have contributed to the  Armed forces in a vast manner, mainly due to  the prestigious National Defence Academy, (NDA) being the motivator for youth, and the facilities available for Veterans like education for children, Job Opportunities  and quality of lifestyle makes it an ideal settling avenue. Obviously the attraction to join forces in youth is high in Pune as NDA and Veterans become the force multipliers in form of positive examples and encouragements. So  the demand for SSB training in Pune or SSB Coaching in Pune  or SSB Classes in Pune is growing and hence the fee too. Not only candidates from Pune, but nearby districts like Sangli, Satara, and Nagar till Kolhapur reach Pune for SSB Training.

So what is it that SSB (Services Selection Board) looking out in you?

Selection Boards do not look for ‘ideal’ Personalities.They recognise that each person has some healthy personality characteristic and may be deficient in some other characteristics and that each individual has potential within himself to improve and develop those areas of personality where he finds himself deficient. Therefore SSB looks for a balanced person who can deal intelligently with a variety of situations in his day to day activity, in which some situations are very easy, some very difficult and majority of a average difficulty.

The type of person sought by the SSB therefore is one who possesses positive qualities and not just the absence of negative qualities .A person who can enjoy life and provide opportunities for others to enjoy. A lively person who can feel anger, sadness of jealousy and can even express these feelings under appropriate circumstances without being influenced by resentment and hostility. A person who is not subservient but is an independent worthwhile individual with abilities, skills, feeling and aspirations, to improve and progress and has the desire to lead a productive, eventful and self realizing life. In short, a person who has the aptitude and capacity to fit in the Armed forces who will feel happy and satisfied with his experience as a service Officer.

How is SSB conducted?

The SSB exercise is mainly a series of psychological tests of the personality of the candidate, to gauge his/her potential as a future officer. The tests conducted by the SSB aim at selecting individuals with OLQs (Officer-Like Qualities).

The selection system is designed over a five-day process, Day 1 is the screening test, Day 2 is the Psychologist Tests, Day 3 & 4 is the group tasks and Day 5 is the Conference (Results). The personal interview will be conducted either in day 2,3 or 4 during the post lunch or evening hours.

OLQs  include Effective Intelligence, sense of responsibility, initiative, judgment (under stress), ability to reason and organize, communication skills, determination, courage, self-confidence, speed in decision-making, willingness to set an example, compassion and social adjustment.

Most of the tests require average intelligence. The SSB attempts to gauge the natural responses of the individuals. The tests are graded into various categories of both individual and group variety and each batch of candidates goes through the subtle testing pattern in the course of a few days. They are under observation not only while they perform in various psychological tests but even as they conduct themselves during the course of their stay at the SSB Centres, where they are billeted for that duration.

The SSB Board is not concerned with the number of vacancies. Its responsibility is to assess and then, recommend. After recommendation, the candidates go for the medical test and after that is the Merit List. Those who finally make the grade join for training and hence become Commissioned Officers.

Origin of this type of testing belongs to First World War era. In the First World War, large numbers of casualties on battlefields necessitated recruitment of best fighting talent in armed forces. For this need, psychologists designed some scientific tests which assess candidate’s Officer Like Qualities (OLQs). Over the years SSB testing has been improved based on feedback and has been proved to be an effective and accurate way of selecting Defence Officers.


What are the best SSB  coaching institutes  in Pune?

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Most of us feel to train a person is waste of time because once trained , he will leave for better pastures taking advantage and quoting the training acquired. And isn’t it that we took him because he had the skill sets. Then why does he require training.


Training is key to success

“Train a person such that he wants to leave ,

Treat him so well that he won’t “

Most of us feel to train a person is waste of time because once trained , he will leave for better pastures taking advantage and quoting the training acquired. And isn’t it that we took him because he had the skill sets. Then why does he require training.

Considering the above , let’s assume a scenario – all companies take required skill set people and take work out of them, but still some achieve or exceed targets and some do not. Why is it so, may be setting of targets was not accurate , or market conditions were not good and so on. But if you had ensured high motivation, and skill set training with changing needs to enhance skills customised to your product , of course you would have achieved the targets, made profits and given healthy increments and increased the happiness factor, nobody would have left the company as monetary and personal growth needs would have  also been met along with the targets.

Today the need to customised training is most essential for three reasons:-

a. Thorough knowledge and practical experience in the vertical working in.

b.  Training session increase bonding and hence team work.

c.  Knowledge is power , hence leads to thinking minds  implies innovations.

A trained skilled team of two is worth ten skilled untrained . So the secret of success lies in continuous training to upgrade knowledge and skill sets, and targets will be achieved.

By Sanjeev