SSB Interview Tips – FAQs Myths and Facts -3

Question: - How does a Candidate display the OLQs during the SSB selection process?
Answer:- In all the responses during the PPDT, Psychology tests, GTO exercises and in front of the Interviewing Officer, your actions should clearly display the following-: Complete adherence to the given instructions; Attention to details; Ability to grasp the problem/ requirement quickly; Answer to the point and specific to the situation; Adequate reasoning/ logic/ realism and truthfulness in all responses; Ability to communicate clearly and politely; Ability to mix, gel, work and contribute usefully in a group for the given task; ability to plan/organise and allot correct priorities; Ability to take initiate and complete a task with confidence using the given resources when the situation so demands; Maintain ones composure and cheer even when the situation is not favorable; Ability to persevere and show reasonable physical/mental stamina and determination when meeting obstacles and finally, Willingness to take calculated risk in order to reach your target.

SSB- Coach - Classes
Air Cmde V Parnaik, Ex Sr Psychologist, SSB

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