Of Press and Presstitutes


As a young boy of four, I picked up the newspaper from the doorstep and happily trundled to my father. As I handed over the day’s paper to him my subconscious mind registered something in broad, black writing. It was my first ever copy of the Times of India. The headlines, as I got to know later, were the news of Sardar Patel’s untimely death. That was “NEWS”!

And thus began my long association with the Times of India, which has lasted over 60 years. A long time indeed during which the newspaper has seen many glorious triumphs and, of late, some damaging lows. In the early days of my newspaper reading, it would be the ‘rarest of the rare’ occasion to find a spelling mistake in the paper. Today mistakes, not only of the spellings but sentence construction too, are the norm rather than an exception. Wonder whatever happened to the editor’s sharp eye and command of the English language?

In the olden, golden days the news was either communicated over the ‘All India Radio’ with the mercurial voices of Chakrapani and Melville D’Mello, or the newspapers like Times of India. Talyarkhan’s “did you get me, Steve?” sports column was my favorite. And, wonder of wonders, the newspapers carried “News”! Sometimes, as I reflect upon the years gone by, I do wonder what happened to the good old system of reporting news.

Today, the newspapers are full of advertisements and whatever space is left is dedicated to rapes, murders, road accidents and the like. Some information of national political leaders is inserted, edgewise, to give a semblance of ‘news”. The TV news channels are a class apart. Main discussions are with a few pliant panelists. Those who have a mind of their own are not allowed to speak by the anchors. The anchors try to shove their personal (or is it their boss’) opinion down everyone’s throat. The result: shouting match between the anchor and the panelists. The loser in this all is the viewer who, in disgust, switches off the channel. TV anchors like Arnab and Rajdeep would do well to start a roadside fish or vegetable shop, yelling away the qualities of their product. Maybe Barkha could join them along with Rahul and Sawant. What is really annoying is that every channel has “Breaking News” flashing throughout. Even an innocuous thing like a celebrity’s sandals becomes “Breaking News”.

The journalist of yesteryear’s would spend hours researching the news to be printed or aired to ensure its authenticity. Today, in an attempt to be the first to “break” news, half baked information is touted as “News”. During the J & K floods footage/pictures of a similar calamity in South America were being shown. Newspapers and Channels reportedly get paid to twist, turn and murder the news as per the requirement of the payer. The TV channels, and to some extent the newspapers, have assumed that they have the right to make or break an individual through the power of their reach. Many a times, unfortunately, the truth is the victim. Ask the MoS, MEA who has been at the receiving end of the electronic media’s ire recently. Because of the very inconsistencies of the media, the General was constrained to fire the “Presstitute” shot. And it hit where it hurts the most…..the very heart of the electronic media’s convoluted thinking.

It would do them well to comprehend this……On a signboard, outside a complex, was written “Due to rising cost of ammunition, NO warning shot will be fired. Thank you for your understanding.” The public is getting truly cheesed off by the antics of the Newspaper and TV Barons.

To echo the sentiments of sensible people, I would just like to say “Koi lauta de mere beete huey din………” when truth in reporting was paramount!!!

By Air Cmde Ashok Chhibbar(Retd)

Ashok Chhibbar



Digital Marketing Better Done in House

The cheapest way to increase visibility in your business domain is through digital marketing. Yes true some time back. Today its probably not so , compared to the money invested with agencies and ROI statistics.

The cheapest way to increase visibility in your business domain is through digital marketing. Yes true some time back. Today its probably not so , compared to the money invested with agencies and ROI statistics. The marketing agencies have also realized this and tactfully started on earnings through retainer-ship module. Google for one which provides 90% of tangible visibility has become, a well , in which pour(invest) money akin water and its not filled up ever. Intangibly you are happy yes visibility achieved.

In the era of hi-tech large volume digitization, may be if scrutinized with open mind conventional visibility methods too are providing results. Of course all this argument rests on type of product you intend to sell or introduce in market.

As a thought it is proposed by building an in-house team with digital marketing professionals , we can achieve better results and have focused visibility vector of our product than paying huge sums as retainership fees and still pay Digital media for usage.

I would like to invite your thoughts on this issue.

By Sanjeev

Digital Marketing Expert
Sanjeev Deshpande


Digital transformation the GIS way

For me an as army veteran , map reading was more a art than science (GPS). The ability to navigate in unknown terrain without being

spotted is the crux of the map reading. The first introduction to this art was in the map reading theory class at the military academy .

For me an as army veteran , map reading was more a art than science (GPS). The ability to navigate in unknown terrain without being

spotted is the crux of the map reading. The first introduction to this art was in the map reading theory class at the military academy . The practical classes were on top of  nearby hill tops with  army map in hand and find out your own location with the exact six figure grid reference and identify distant hill tops on the map. Even today the army teaches you basic map reading and you need to pass the practical as well as tactical appreciation test using the  map. So understanding the terms – contours, scale, magnetic north, re-entrant, whale back, ring contour and the trig heights was essential to be understood and used along with the age old reliable compass. So the question that comes in mind, why  don’t they use the GPS or Google  maps ? The answer is simple all these gizmos and apps leave a digital footprint of where the soldier is positioned [ so the enemy knows where you are standing] . The army makes use of the latest technology in secure way but also banks upon the legacy method of map reading. IRNSS, the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System….is Indian version of the GPS to be functional in the near future to provide positioning, navigation and timing services for users over Indian region.

The earliest map mentioned by Wikipedia–says that around  600 BC ,Anaximander was the first to draw a map of the known world, It is for this reason that he is considered by many to be the first mapmaker or Cartographer, we have come a long way with discovery of new  lands ,and in all these activities the role of maps cannot be underestimated.Map making or cartography  has been one of the most important achievements for humankind, as it was because of this mankind was able to spread throughout the globe. I won’t be wrong in saying – due to map the commerce/business expanded. GIS is the modern avatar of map making /cartography and all  industries have a use case for using GIS to further the return on investments. GIS applications can be disruptive and fuel the digital transformation in the industries still untouched by IT.

Today the GIS is the solution for all the mapping needs and opens  a complete new stack for IT . The digitization of the geo features enables the user to correlate the data points giving insights into the business metrics. So what is digitizing ? , it is the process of converting an analogue map into a digital format . Data forms the backbone of the GIS , spatial data is available mostly in analogue form i.e. in the form of maps, imageries, aerial photographs etc. Perhaps the biggest bottleneck in the GIS industry is the proper reproduction of the analogue data into digital form.. .this process is resource and capital intensive , the solution can display rich data that eases the decision making process.Value add can be the integration of big data and predictive analytics with the various layers of GIS can be a force multiplier.

The digitization process basically involves the raster to vector format conversion. Following are the common process used for digitization.

  •      Manual Digitizing [ It is done using digitizing tablet]
  •      Heads-up Digitizing [Accuracy is better and takes lesser time than the above process]
  •    Interactive tracing method [better digitizing in terms of speed and accuracy]
  •     Automatic Digitizing [high speed and accuracy along with improved quality of images.]

Application of GIS

  • Telecom – CSP ,ISV and the enterprise business have a variety of use case for GIS – display the important KPIs and status of alarms on the map for proactive action to mitigate outages.
  •   Medical and Healthcare – This can be at the pan nation level as well as global level to depict the health care metrics for various serious medical conditions correlated with the geo climate [temperature/humidity/altitude]. Also the movement of healthcare medicines and equipment and tracking the location of ambulances.
  •  Manufacturing – Tracking the raw materials movement [Just in time or the pull model] and the finished goods location.
  •  IT Industry – The monitoring of switches [metrics] for proactive actions before outage.
  •   Logistics – Tracking the movement of train/aircraft/trucks and the various transit warehouse
  •   e Commerce – Tracking the orders in a geo area with the availability of SKU to ensure minimum transportation cost and time.
  •   Disaster Management – Use Satellite images and 3 D maps for planning and rescue missions.
  • e Governance – Enable the various dept to monitor the geo locations with the connected metrics updated on the GIS. Case in point the Digital India [ Bharat net ] initiative tracked on GIS renders the progress of the fiber laying project to the last mile.
  •  Social Media/ TV – GIS renders the count of the tweets with the breakdown of the regions.
  •  Sports – During marathon all participants have RFID for tracking the timing, GIS will give the location of the runners on the map .

GIS stack  can be disruptive and drive  the digital transformation in the

industries still untouched by IT.

On a map it is not how far you are from your objective but how far ahead you have reached in pursuit of that objective….Attitude Matters


By Lt Col Avadhut Deshpande (Retd) – Signals


You are fired, keep your suggestions to yourself”.
Easily executed in a private or corporate company. But probably he/she was your best employee, probably not.


“My Ship my command, my company my orders, I do not like you”

You are fired, keep your suggestions to yourself”.

Easily executed in a private or corporate company. But probably he/she was your best employee, probably not.
You did not like him today, you dispensed with him. As it is said no one is indispensable. We shall hire another. The culture of down market downsize employees , up market upsize employees, is an untold axiom in vogue.
Well has anyone ever worked out the tangibles and intangibles of this firing of employees. Specially in  the case of an old employee whose work  output has been the best. Who has stood by the company through good and bad times and on the principle on indispensability he/she is fired bcoz just one act, word or action on a particular day/days was not appreciated by the management.

The experience, practice, knowledge and energy of th
at employee cannot be just replaced by another employee in  no time. The time period to groom another, is actually loss of productivity.The  fear instilled amongst others , not so good employees who witness the firing, makes them ride the job hunt boat due insecurity instilled. Thereby again the productivity suffers.

May be an employee puts up
resignation bcoz he is fed up of  assurances of increments and promotions which never got delivered. General trend is thank
you we accept your resignation lets see where you get a job like this. Now the question is how to handle such an situation. Is the employee wrong despite working hard and getting assurances of increment not getting it. The employee is an experienced resource he would put up resignation only when he/she has other job in hand. so if you thank him ,he is happy to pick up new challenges in the new job. But in your company , you lost a good resource, plus the customers he groomed, may be some employees he mentored…so on. For what an incre
ase in pay he/she was expecting, may be deserved too, which in any case he/she got in his/her new job, but the previous company lost resource, part business and goodwill.

In my opinion a good employee shou
ld never be allowed to leave for a penny,as its difficult to fill his shoes quickly – One must look after  employees as your customers, bargain to keep them happy irrespective of good or bad times, they w
ill produce a win -win team combination best suited to happiness factor and productivity.




Kumar Properties-Megapolis-Indian Navy-Digital Marketing Consultant-SSB coaching-Pune- Digital Marketing Trainer- Blogger -Author
Cdr Sanjeev Krishna Deshpande, Retd, I.N


  1. Preview : A network enabled city, no need to be in touch with news, if concerning news reaches you on as required basis. I want to reach office in time but their is a road block due accident, wish some body had alerted me on time and would have taken the diversion in time. My relative was the victim in the accident, wished ambulance reached the site on time. The people struck in traffic jam wished the vehicles involved in the accident are cleared on time.
  2. How  Can it Happen : So there are cameras at all road junctions, breakdown services are stationed , ambulances are stand by, but are they enabled, their lies the key. Imagine an accident happens at a particular road junction, camera picks the commotion, traffic control room beams the information via network enabled means to :-

a. Nearest Traffic cop to rush to the spot.

b. Nearest ambulance service & Hospital gps

c. Breakdown services

d. All mobile operators are asked to send messages to all active phones within 5 kms of site to take diversions with alternate routes so that no other particular  route is taken by all and congested.

e. As soon as ambulance starts from her   parking lot to accident site, all traffic cops in that area get an intimation and they keep one lane clear for ambulance to reach the site and commute victims to hospital in shortages possible time, with active GPS aided routing, in conjunction with traffic cops. Following the ambulance will be the breakdown service vehicle(crane, JCB, etc)which will clear the road of vehicles involved in the accident. And in less than 15 mins normal traffic is restored. And message sent to all within 5 kms radius traffic restored.

Also whilst on way to hospital, the victims relatives get informed through cell provider, NOK details for that number or RTO data base of the vehicle registration database.

With my experience in network centric warfare for two decades in Indian navy , I can confidently say it’s possible and can provide subject matter expertise if any agency willing to take up the cause.

3. Another View : Lets take another possibility – A warning of impending disaster , an earthquake. Say an ritcher scale 8 magnitude has occurred in place A, very close(100kms) from your city. The Govt dept, informs all media, of the warning. Think this way at any given time most people are at work or at night sleeping , so hardly anyone is watching TV or listening to news, hence likely casualties are going to be higher if earthquake ripples strike your city.

Imagine if Govt Depts issues the warning and all residents of that city get an instantaneous phone, mobile call not only alerting about quake but also precautions to take, designated open space to take shelter post the call through SMSs followed by news breaks , local announcements happens , surely casualties will be less as near 100% information reach would be ensured seamlessly.

One more take, I wish to buy a particular brand watch, I surf the net for it and like a particular model(as per time spent on that model site). As , I disengage from the site , I receive a mail from that watch brand – Saying

We are please that you are interested in our brand model , taking it forward would like to offer a special discount of 25% on the msp,please click to accept, it would be our pleasure to deliver shipment at your doorstep within ..hours

Can someone refuse the offer.

4. Conclusion: I can only say as time on comfort increases in one’s life, time on quality task at work will go up and thereby productivity. Hence network enabled cities are the way ahead and am game for it and confident it can happen. Constructive suggestion are welcome.