Corporate Training and development

At SSB coaching, we aim to guide aspirants in preparing for joining the armed forces of India. We help them free of cost and advise about the following:-
a. Customised individual SSB Coaching.
b. SSB Coaching centres for group training.
c. Online SSB Coaching.

We have a qualified SSB Senior Psychologist ex –IAF officer to guide youngsters for SSB interviews. As we are growing, we also invite interested people to join our mission of empowering youth for tomorrow. If interested, please contact us.

SSB Training

 SSB Coaching – Call 9869870183

SSB coaching Pune is a process that helps in the overall development of personality that assists evaluation of individual skills and experience in the field of our choosing to join armed forces. The present-day competition is very complex and fast-growing. Therefore to motivate the youth to join the Indian Armed forces( Army, Navy, Airforce or Coast Guard), the SSB Coaching Pune site provides mentoring, guidance and coaching to candidates. Some candidates after completing SSB coaching are not able to join the Indian Armed forces. However, SSB coaching Pune intangibly prepares them to face the corporate sector challenges successfully.

SSB does not look for ‘ideal’ Personalities. They recognise that each person has some healthy personality characteristic and may be deficient in some other characteristics and that each individual has potential within himself to improve and develop those areas of personality where he finds himself deficient. Therefore SSB looks for a balanced person who can deal intelligently with a variety of situations in his day to day activity, in which some situations are very easy, some very difficult and a majority of average difficulty. The type of person sought by the SSB, therefore, is one who possesses positive qualities and not just the absence of negative qualities. A person who can enjoy life and provide opportunities for others to enjoy. A lively person who can feel anger, sadness or jealousy and can even express these feelings under appropriate circumstances without being influenced by resentment and hostility.