SSB Interview Tips – FAQs Myths and Facts -3

Question: - How does a Candidate display the OLQs during the SSB selection process?
Answer:- In all the responses during the PPDT, Psychology tests, GTO exercises and in front of the Interviewing Officer, your actions should clearly display the following-: Complete adherence to the given instructions; Attention to details; Ability to grasp the problem/ requirement quickly; Answer to the point and specific to the situation; Adequate reasoning/ logic/ realism and truthfulness in all responses; Ability to communicate clearly and politely; Ability to mix, gel, work and contribute usefully in a group for the given task; ability to plan/organise and allot correct priorities; Ability to take initiate and complete a task with confidence using the given resources when the situation so demands; Maintain ones composure and cheer even when the situation is not favorable; Ability to persevere and show reasonable physical/mental stamina and determination when meeting obstacles and finally, Willingness to take calculated risk in order to reach your target.

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Air Cmde V Parnaik, Ex Sr Psychologist, SSB

SSB Training in Pune

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The city of Pune is known to have contributed to the  Armed forces in a vast manner, mainly due to  the prestigious National Defence Academy, (NDA) being the motivator for youth, and the facilities available for Veterans like education for children, Job Opportunities  and quality of lifestyle makes it an ideal settling avenue. Obviously the attraction to join forces in youth is high in Pune as NDA and Veterans become the force multipliers in form of positive examples and encouragements. So  the demand for SSB training in Pune or SSB Coaching in Pune  or SSB Classes in Pune is growing and hence the fee too. Not only candidates from Pune, but nearby districts like Sangli, Satara, and Nagar till Kolhapur reach Pune for SSB Training. read more