Can Artificial Intelligence make the Drones deadly ?

UAV -IR Image

” Artificial Intelligence platform developed by indigenous software Company with product engineering DNA can enhance the capabilities of the security force”

The combination of Artificial intelligence (AI) and Unmanned aerial vehicle(UAV) / drone can be a deadly cocktail. I am not talking about  using Artificial Intelligence for flying ,monitoring or navigating the UAV, this is something what Artificial Intelligence has to offer and machine learning ensures. Let me paint the scenario –  02.00 am Drone on night surveillance mission and the  pilot controlling from the ground control station is looking for say infiltrators  along the border.  He is focussed on the monitor screen straining his eyes and using the thermal imaging to look for human activity indication  in mountain  terrain or pinpoint  foot marks  in the snow or the rugged hilly terrain. Now, how can digital disruption enhance the capability of the mission .It is pertinent to mention here that the Artificial Intelligence all by itself cannot solve problem but the Artificial Intelligence tool can be bought up to speed by self learning which we call as machine learning. The Artificial Intelligence platform can quickly consume huge amount of data and quickly join the dots to predict based on huge data bank and assist the operator in quicker identification of suspect target. read more