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We provide Professional guidance for facing Services Selection Board for Officer Selection in Defense Services, Customized Personality Development program and communication skills training, Career counseling and confidence building for students and young Professionals, by qualified former Senior Defense officer with vast experience in Selection Duties, Training of Cadets and young officers. Unique features of Customized Training:- Limited batch, personalized attention and self improvement through continuous mentoring after completion of formal Training/counseling.

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Selection Boards do not look for ‘ideal’ Personalities.They recognise that each person has some healthy personality characteristic and may be deficient in some other characteristics and that each individual has potential within himself to improve and develop those areas of personality where he finds himself deficient. Therefore SSB looks for a balanced person who can deal intelligently with a variety of situations in his day to day activity, in which some situations are very easy, some very difficult and majority of a average difficulty. The type of person sought by the SSB therefore is one who possesses positive qualities and not just the absence of negative qualities .A person who can enjoy life and provide opportunities for others to enjoy. A lively person who can feel anger, sadness of jealousy and can even express these feelings under appropriate circumstances without being influenced by resentment and hostility. A person who is not subservient but is an independent worthwhile individual with abilities , skills, feeling and aspirations, to improve and progress and has the desire to lead a productive, eventful and self realizing life. In short, a person who has the aptitude and capacity to fit in the Armed forces who will feel happy and satisfied with his experience as a service Officer.

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