Is IoT going to be ubiquitous ?

IoT ready -IoT has a transformational impact on all sectors because it is fundamentally changing products, business models, processes and customer interaction. Ultimately success of IoT solution depends on the acceptance and adaptability of people.

Internet of Things

We grew up playing the paper game -name,place,animal,thing…..Which I say was loosely coupled to what we call today -Internet of things or the buzz word IoTWikipedia definition ]. So when we synergize the name [people], geo locations [place] ,animal [let us say data points] and things[sensors and devices] we get information and that when pushed through some number crunching results in analytics. So joining these dots using wireless or wireline communication leads to the world of IoT. The natural thinking is why IoT has come on the center stage now ,the answer is simple – because the various components of IoT like sensors, wireless and wireline connectivity,edge devices and switches, cloud infrastructure and data analytics have now matured adequately to be put together as a complete use case for the betterment of the organization / society.The actual strength of IoT is not in the hardware [sensors etc] , the power comes from the software that connects the data points and derives analytic values from this data and helps us to solve problem statement. IoT is a greenfield market and allows new players with new business models, approaches, and solutions, to play around and run their imagination wild to find solutions and monetize .

The worldwide Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to be a USD 328 billion market by 2020. The IoT market in India is poised to launch with the government initiative of building 100 smart cities solutions, there are tremendous opportunities for IoT starts up to come up and create job opportunity and fuel the fire for entrepreneurship. Actually the word internet (in IoT) is actually a misnomer as we need not always use internet to connect ……it can well work with the wireless connectivity. Job creation is the pay off as that improves a certain organization/community and as example – city transport can be improved and thus scalability of transport means more driver and mechanic job available.

How Does IoT Affect Me-According to Gartner approximately 26 billion connected devices will be in place by 2020. So from switching on the geyser or air conditioner when I am just 20 minutes short of my house to finding a vacant parking site or tracking the shuttle to office are all the enablers for IoT.

Having said that IoT holds promise to anyone with creativity and imagination to coin a business use case, let me talk about using it for any organization whether local or global for monitoring its IT infrastructure.

IoT for Organizational IT infrastructure

Integrating IoT with legacy Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is a low hanging fruit for startups and entrepreneurs to jump into the IoT bandwagon. Every organization has IT infrastructure giving the machine 2 Machine connectivity maybe for software dev /server/finance/operations and manufacturing. All these machines are though under SLA /AMC need to be monitored for the following.

  • CPU and Memory utilization
  • Throughput and volume of traffic in the network
  • Outage due to hardware issue
  • Trends and analytics
  • Predictive analytics
  • Specify multiple conditions, triggers, and responses
  • Identify potential problems with data analysis tools
  • Automate work order generation based on specified triggers

For IT maintenance –IoT is basically talking to the asset and listening to what the asset is trying to tell us. This helps us to take informed decision before outage takes place. In the maintenance lingo –reduce the MTTR and MTBR…by say staging forward the replacement hardware well before the outage/downtime and rely more on predictive maintenance.

Real time data


  • Extensive range of new technologies and skills to master
  • Depending on the use case and story the immaturity of technologies and services
  • Sensor maturity [positive negatives]
  • Security of the end points and the solution
  • Connectivity management
  • Application enablement
  • Devices and data collection management

IoT ready -IoT has a transformational impact on all sectors because it is fundamentally changing products, business models, processes and customer interaction. Ultimately success of IoT solution depends on the acceptance and adaptability of people. It is platform that uses data analytics and automates function for the betterment of the organization / society and enhances the customer delight. IoT has solution for transport, machine, agriculture, manufacturing, retail, food industry……et al. The catch is to identify the business use case and grab the opportunity to kick off into the world of IoT.

[The views expressed in this article are my personal]

By Lt Col Avadhut Deshpande,(Retd) , Signals

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