World Digital Marketing Congress

It was an honour to receive the citation for being chosen amongst “100 Smartest Digital Marketing Leaders” by World Digital Congress at Taj Land Ends, Bandra, Mumbai on 13 Feb 2020. This would not have been possible without my family, mentors, and team members of Kumar Properties, full-hearted support, and encouragement, So I dedicate this achievement to all of you and let’s continue our drive to learn, implement and contribute more to the digital ecosystem.

Digital Marketing Future Trends

Cdr Sanjeev Krishna Deshpande, I.N, Retd

Cdr Sanjeev Krishna Deshpande, I.N, Retd

Figure in “100 SMARTEST DIGITAL MARKETING LEADERS” by World Digital Congress. Head Digital Marketing-Kumar Properties!

On 13 Feb 2020, at Taj Lands End, Bandra Mumbai, The World Digital Marketing Conference was held and, I had the honour of receiving a citation for being among “100 Smartest Digital Marketing Leaders”. The other recipients were from across a vivid spectrum of the digital marketing ecosystem.

I would like to enumerate the future trends takeaways for everyone’s benefit that emerged during the panel discussions. read more